Changes to pass-through charges on your electricity bill

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Business Energy Security Deposit Policy Northern Ireland

SSE Airtricity will undertake a credit check for new or existing energy supply accounts. This includes, but is not limited to the following checks;

  • Companies House
  • Previous credit information
  • Industry type
  • Energy usage at the business premises
  • Your chosen payment method

If the results of the credit check do not meet our criteria, then we may request a security deposit. If you are an existing customer you may be asked for a security deposit, or an increase in the current security deposit amount, during the term of supply or upon renewal of your contract.

The value of the security deposit is based on 3 months average usage for your business premises. This will be calculated as follows;

Previous annual consumption * 3


To help us calculate this accurately, we may ask you to provide us with electricity bills from your previous supplier.

If there is a change of use at the site or if the site was previously vacant, the previous 12 months consumption may not reflect the likely future consumption at the site. In these circumstances we will use the typical consumption profile for your industry and apply the following formula;

Standard annual consumption * 3


In these cases, we will not require you to submit previous bills, but we will explain to you the typical annual consumption associated with the industry type.

This security deposit will be held until the account is closed and will be offset against the final invoice. SSE Airtricity reserves the right to make any amendments to the credit check requirements based on the customer’s credit history/information. Any requested security deposit must be paid within 14 days, unless otherwise agreed with our Credit Control team. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your contract and your energy supply may be withdrawn.

If, at any point during your time as an SSE Airtricity customer, you would like to request a review of your security deposit you can contact our Credit Control team and we will review your security deposit level. Please note there is no guarantee that the security deposit amount will be amended or that any portion of the security deposit will be returned after a review. 

You can download a copy of this here.

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