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Distributed Energy

A whole system approach to Distributed Energy for businesses in Northern Ireland

Building a greener, cleaner future for your business

Accelerating your net zero goals

Cool Planet

What is Distributed Energy?

Distributed Energy (DE) is also referred to as onsite generation. DE resources are small, modular, energy generation and storage technologies that provide electric capacity or energy where you need it.

Distributed Energy

We offer fully financed energy solutions where we develop, build, own, operate and maintain energy systems. We look to utilise all available onsite space, vacant ground, or roof-tops to deploy on site generation and offset demand loads and in turn decarbonise networks. We cover both private and public sector across residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Whole System Approach

We are in a unique position that we can combine multiple facets of our business - the network, heating and cooling, solar, flexible generation and storage infrastructure, building energy management services, digital smart energy services and EV charging - to create a more resilient and long-term energy system for your company.

The benefit of Distributed Energy (DE) for your business

DE specialists

We work to optimise the performance of energy assets and infrastructure across key areas including: the network, heating and cooling, consumption and energy management, flexible generation and storage, and EV charging.

Efficient infrastructure

We ensure that we provide reliable and efficient infrastructure to help businesses and local authorities meet their climate change targets.

Designed around your needs

We have extensive experience in planning and managing technical challenges and our solutions are designed to meet local energy needs and drive net zero targets.

Ease of decarbonisation

We remove the financial challenge from decarbonisation, as we have long-term investment, asset ownership and stewardship models. We also ensure the security of sustainable energy supply, reducing risks for our clients and helping you achieve your economic, social and environmental goals.

Data monitoring

We combine the latest data analytics tools and digital technologies to intelligently coordinate and manage your energy assets in the most flexible, joined-up, energy-efficient and cost-effective way. Using advanced data analytics we give you the opportunity to visualise, control and trade energy flexibly.

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

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What happens next?


If you are an organisation, landowner, or developer who would like to learn more about partnering please contact us by filling in our ‘callback form’


Our specialist team will schedule a call do discuss your requirements.


We will then design a solution for your site


Once an agreement is in place and the contract is signed, we will install, operate and maintain the solution at your site.

A simple solution


Greener energy

Data analytics

Efficient infrastructure

Bespoke for your business