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Efficient Use of Electricity

We aim to offer you the best advice available to help you maximise energy efficiency in your home and to reduce your energy.

Adopting some simple energy efficiency measures in your home could help you save on the cost of your energy bills.

The controllability of electricity makes it easy to take energy efficiency measures.

Our Code of Practice on the Efficient Use of Electricity

There are many ways to reduce electricity around your home. By taking simple steps you save money and help the environment if you use it efficiently. Enjoy the convenience of this clean and versatile fuel by following some simple advice.

You can read our full code of practice on the efficient use of electricity here.

Complaints Handling

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our customer service we promise to deal with your complaint efficiently and effectively and within agreed timescales.

We value customer feedback and promise to regularly review our procedures.

Our Code of Practice on Complaints Handling Procedure

First class customer service is vital to us. However, sometimes we make mistakes. If we fail to offer excellent customer service, we will try to fix the problem and make sure it does not happen again.

You can read our full code of practice on complaints handling here.

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