How do I top up my account or pay in advance?

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How do I top up my account or pay in advance?

It can sometimes be beneficial to spread your payments throughout the month rather than make a single payment. You can make payments at any time during your billing period to 'top up' your account or pay your bill in advance.

These top-up payments can be made using any of our available payment methods – regardless of how you normally pay your bill.  

What happens after I make a payment?

It will take up to 3 working days for payments to show up on your account as a credit – you can check your account balance anytime online through My SSE Airtricity.

Payments received at least 5 days before the end of your billing period will be shown on your bill. If the payments you made were:

  • More than your bill amount: any remaining credit will stay in your account and roll over to your next bill. 
  • Less than your bill amount: you’ll have to pay the remaining balance just like a normal bill.

Note for direct debit customers

If you pay by direct debit, any extra payments made up to 6 working days before the Payment Due Date on your bill will be deducted from your direct debit amount and any remainder charged as normal. Payments made after this will be credited to your next bill.


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