Pre-paid meters

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Pre-paid meters

How do I get a pre-paid meter?

We will be offering a prepayment meter to existing customers who are in arrears to avoid disconnection (and subject to certain other criteria). If you feel that you might qualify you can contact our Customer Service team on 0818 81 22 20 and they will check to see if you are eligible.

What happens if I am selected?

Customers who are selected will be sent a letter and will receive a call from either ESB Networks (for electricity meters) or Gas Networks Ireland (for gas meters) to arrange a time to install your new pre-paid meter.

If you are getting an electricity pre-paid meter you will receive 2 prepayment cards and a user guide to explain how to use the meter and how to buy credit (top-ups).

If you are getting a gas pre-paid meter, the Gas Networks Ireland engineer will supply one gas prepayment card and a user guide during installation, and will show you how to use the meter.

View General Terms and Conditions of Supply.

Automatic repayments

As these meters are only being supplied to customers who are in arrears, we will be automatically collect €3 out of every €10 from each top up to pay off any outstanding balances.

Ways to top-up

  • From the 1st November 2011, you can also make payments at any approved PayZone payment outlets:

What should I do if I lose my powercode? 

If you lose your ‘powercode’ before keying it into the meter, you can ring our Customer Service team on 0818 81 22 20 and we'll re-issue it to you, free of charge. You will need to have your KeyPad meter number to hand when you call (this is on your card).

Alternatively, you can visit your PayZone agent who will re-issue you with your last receipt free of charge.

Pre-paid meters