What happens if I run out of credit?

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Running out of credit?

When your credit reduces to €2 you will hear a low volume warning sound for two minutes. Press the zero button to turn it off. The warning sound will be repeated every 30 minutes (but not between 4pm and 9am*) until a button is pressed.

Emergency credit

When you turn the low credit warning sound off you will automatically get €20 emergency credit. If you have not turned the warning sound off your supply will switch off. Should this happen simply press the zero button and your €20 emergency credit will come on after a few seconds.

Friendly credit

When your emergency credit runs out, we will automatically apply a friendly credit amount to keep your supply on during certain hours. Please remember to top up before the credit time runs out or your electricity will disconnect.

To give you enough time to buy a top-up, ‘friendly credit’ is given automatically on:

  • Weekdays – If your emergency credit runs out after 4pm, Monday to Thursday, the supply will stay on until 9am* the following day.
  • Weekends – If your emergency credit runs out after 4pm on a Friday, the supply will stay on until 9am* the following Monday.
  • Holidays – Friendly credit will not run out on the following Public holidays: 1 January, 17 March and the 24, 25, 26 & 31 December. Electricity supply will stay on until 9am* on a bank holiday Monday.

Remember the next time you buy credit, the amount of emergency credit and friendly credit used will be deducted from your balance.

*Please add 1 hour during Summer time.

Important information on Standing Charges

If you are away from your premises for a certain time, standing charges and other charges will continue to be deducted from your meter credit. You can check your applicable standing charges on www.sseairtricity.com. Please ensure you have enough credit on your meter at all times.

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