What happens when I switch?

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What happens when I switch?

When you sign up to SSE Airtricity, we'll take care of everything to get you switched over. Find out what happens if you're a new electricity or gas customer, and how long it takes:

Sign up

You can sign up online, by phone or through a door-to-door salesperson.

Supplier notice

We'll contact your old supplier and initiate the switch.

Welcome letter 

You'll receive your new SSE Airtricity account number.

Meter reading

We'll verify your meter reading to make sure your first bill is right.

Final bill

Your old supplier will send your last bill 

You're Switched!

First bill

You'll receive your first bill - this will be dated back to when you signed up.

3 weeks
8-10 weeks

Important things to know

  • Timings may vary
  • Your supply won't ever be disrupted, even if the switching process takes longer than normal. 

Things that can slow down the switching process

If there are any delays with your switchover, we'll always let you know. These are the most common things that can go wrong.

  • Your meter reading was too high/too low
    If your new meter wasn't read correctly or if the wrong meter was read, we'll ask you to submit another reading (we have a Meter Reading Guide if you need it).
  • Wrong MPRN or GPRN number
    Your MPRN or GPRN number changes every time you move as it's linked to your property, not your account. If this happens we'll only find out when ESB Networks (for electricity) or Gas Networks Ireland (for gas) verifies your first meter reading, and they'll provide us with the correct number for your property.
  • Incorrect bank details (for direct debit customers)
    If any of your details weren't entered correctly, we may not be able to set up your direct debit or your first payment may not be processed.

When you should contact us

If any of your details (name, email, address or phone number) weren't entered correctly during signup, we may not be aware there's a problem, or be able to contact you if there's a delay. So please let us know if:

  • Your Welcome Letter hasn't arrived within 2 weeks. 
  • Your first SSE Airtricity bill hasn't arrived within 8-10 weeks (check My SSE Airtricity first if you signed up to eBilling)
  • You're having problems registering for My SSE Airtricity because your email address isn't recognised.

Three things all new customers should know:

  • Meter readings
    Unless you have a smart meter for electricity configured for Interval (30 minute) Smart Services, it’s a good idea to submit regular meter readings to help make your bill more accurate.
    Learn more about meter readings

  • Ways to pay
    There are lots of ways to pay and you can make payments towards your next bill at any time. All you need is your SSE Airtricity account number to get started.
    Learn more about ways to pay

  • Our Discounts
    Are you getting all of our discounts? Sign up for both eBilling and Direct Debit to get the best rates possible.
    Learn more about our discounts

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