What other charges might I be billed for?

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What other charges might I be billed for?

Disconnection and reconnection charges

Description Explanation Cost (ex-VAT)
De-energisation fee (non-payment) Disconnection due to non-payment £66.00
De-energisation fee (other than non-payment) All other disconnections £66.00
Re-energisation fee (non-payment) Reconnection where property was disconnected due to non-payment £66.00
Re-energisation fee (other than non-payment) All other reconnections £109.00


Electricity meter and service charges

Description Explanation Cost (ex-VAT)
Meter exchange charge Cost of changing your meter type e.g., from Standard to Economy 7. This doesn't apply the first time you change your meter type. £323.00
Test meter accuracy Charged only if you requested it and no problems are found with your meter £75.00
Investigate physical metering Includes meter faults, damage and other problems. Charged only if you requested it and no problems are found. £75.00
Special reading If you request a technician to read your meter i.e., in the instance you're unable to read it £37.50
Special reading (dispute) If you dispute a meter reading and request a technician to come and read your meter. You will only be charged if no problem with the original reading can be found. £56.50


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Find out more about connection, metering and service charges from NIE Networks, which owns and operates the electricity transmission and distribution network.