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How much will my next bill be?

Your bill is calculated by adding together the costs for your energy usage plus any relevant taxes or charges.

Calculating your electricity bill

Your electricity bill is made up of:

  • Electricity usage
  • Standing charges (applicable to Economy 7 customers only)
  • VAT

Electricity usage

To work out the cost of your usage, you’ll need the 'Present Reading' from your last bill (found under ‘Usage Details’) and also a current meter reading.

If you are on Economy 7, you’ll need separate Present Readings and current meter readings for both Day and Night.

If you have a night storage heater on a separate meter, you’ll also need individual readings.

To calculate the cost for your usage, use the following formula:

(Current Meter Reading – previous Present Reading) x Unit Rate

You can find your unit rate on your bill.

Standing charges (Economy 7 only)

These are calculated by the number of days in your billing period (usually 30 or 60). You can find your current rate for standing charges on your bill or by looking up your tariff online.


VAT is charged on electricity usage and standing charges (if applicable) at 5%.


You don’t have to submit meter readings – but your bills will be more accurate if you do.

Learn more about meter readings

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