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What is a 'Reversal'?

A 'Reversal' takes place when you were previously issued a bill for the wrong amount. This can happen when:

  • We calculated your bill using an estimated reading, but later received an actual reading that was lower
  • The meter reading that was submitted and used to calculate your bill was incorrect
  • Your bill was charged at the wrong rate

If this happens, we’ll correct it on your next bill by ‘reversing’ (or refunding) the whole amount for the incorrect bill. This will appear on your bill as:

  • ‘Invoice Reversed: xxxx’ and
  • ‘Invoice Reversed: xxxx – VAT’

Where xxxx will be the invoice number from the incorrect bill.

We’ll then ‘charge’ the new correct bill amount, which is just the same as calculating the difference. This will appear as extra line items on your bill but it doesn’t mean you are being charged twice.

Any credit or debit due will be then be applied to your overall bill.


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