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Can I temporarily suspend my direct debit?

Unfortunately we can't temporarily suspend your direct debit, but you can ask for your next direct debit to be cancelled. Just call our Customer Service team on 0345 601 9093 at least 5 days before the payment due date on your bill so we can stop your payment from being initiated - you can then pay your bill using any of our available payment methods.

(Please note that this is the same as changing your payment method from direct debit so you will lose your direct debit-related discount and also be required to pay a security deposit.)

Using other payment options to reduce your direct debit

You can also make non-direct debit payments without cancelling your direct debit. If you make a payment up to 6 working days before your next bill is due to be paid, your direct debit amount will be reduced. After that we’ll carry the payment over to your next bill, so you will have less to pay next time.

If you are having difficulty paying an outstanding balance on your account, please contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible on 0345 601 9093 so we can arrange a payment plan that suits you.



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