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Product Terms and Conditions

1 Year Home Electricity
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Pay-As-You-Go KeyPad Meter
Pay-As-You-Go introductory discounts may vary by meter type (“Tariff Discounts”). Your Tariff Discounts will be applied from the date that SSE Airtricity is registered as your supplier and will continue for the remainder of that calendar month and the following 12 consecutive calendar months from that date (“Term”). Your Tariff Discounts are calculated by reference to the SSE Airtricity Standard tariff (“SSE Airtricity Standard”) which may be amended from time to time during the Term but this will not affect your Tariff Discount. You may leave the Tariff during the period of 14 calendar days following your sign-up for this Tariff (“Cancellation Period”) by contacting us at 0345 601 9093. After the expiration of the Term, your SSE Airtricity account will be switched to the SSE Airtricity Standard rates applicable at that time. SSE Airtricity reserves the right to amend the electricity unit rates or charges that apply to the Tariff at any time during the Term if there is a cost to SSE Airtricity imposed by a governmental or statutory body (including a change in VAT) or as otherwise provided for in the SSE Airtricity General Terms & Conditions. The Tariff Discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other SSE Airtricity electricity offer, discount or tariff. SSE Airtricity reserves the right to withdraw the Tariff without notice at any time prior to the start of the Term.

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General Terms and Conditions

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VIP tickets Competition

Terms and Conditions: One Year’s Free Electricity

Deemed Contract Scheme

SSE Airtricity Deemed Contract Scheme


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