Northern Ireland Commercial Electricity Contract Customers:Notification of Electricity Pass Through Charge Change

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Northern Ireland Electricity Pass through Charges 2018/19

Charges in your electricity contract include both the SSE Airtricity energy charge and the regulated pass-through costs. As highlighted in your contract, the SSE Airtricity energy charge will follow the agreed contractual risk management strategy e.g. fixed energy price, for the duration stipulated in the contract, and pass-through cost will only change with approval by the Regulator. 

The differences in charges set out below are the result of the pass-through cost change only, which have been approved by the Regulator for 2018/19.

The various pass-through costs charged by NIE Networks, SONI and the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) for the 2018 - 2019 period have now been set, and the changes to your contract prices are detailed below.

The net adjustments will be applied to your existing prices for consumption from 1 October 2018. 

What are Pass-Through Costs?

Electricity Suppliers in Northern Ireland pay a number of different regulated charges which they in turn must pass onto their customers through their billing & rates. Regulated charges for the use of the electricity distribution and transmission network in Northern Ireland and a levy known as the Public Service Obligation (PSO) are set by NIE Networks and the System Operator for Northern Ireland (SONI) and the maximum amount recoverable is approved by the Regulator. Other regulated charges, including capacity payments, associated with the Single Electricity Market (SEM) and are set by the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) and the maximum amount recoverable is set by the SEM committee. Usually NIE, SEMO and SONI set these charges, and the Regulator approves the charges, on an annual basis. 

Pass through charges are applied equally to all suppliers.

Pass-through charges include

  • Transmission Use of Systems (TUoS)
  • Distribution Use of Systems (DUoS)
  • Public Service Obligation (PSO)
  • System Support and Services (SSS)
  • Collection Agency Income Requirement (CAIR)
  • Market Operator Charges (MO)
  • Imperfection Charges
  • Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation (NIROC)
  • Supplier Capacity Charges*
  • Availability charges
  • Standing Charge
  • Reactive Charge

* - Depending on your contract terms, SSE Airtricity may fix this charge for the contract duration. This may differ from other suppliers which treat it as a pass-through charge.
** - A portion of standing charge is straight pass-through costs.

How will the changes in pass-through costs impact my premises? 

The level of pass-through costs applicable to your premises and the change in these costs from 1 October 2018 is dependent on Use of System (UOS) Code applicable to your premise(s) which is detailed on your advisory letter. All supply points connected to the electricity network have an associated UOS code. The UOS code is assigned by NIE T&D to the premise based on the network connection characteristics and metering configuration.

Dependent on the UOS code for the premise(s), the net adjustment to your current rates from their current level are detailed in the table below. 

SSE Airtricity's pricing proposal set out the pass-through charges that were used to put together the tariffs. For customers now coming towards the end of your contract term, your renewal quotation will reflect the 2018/19 pass-through costs and no further adjustment will be required. 

Half hourly metering - net change to tariffs from 1st October 2018

Difference between Oct 2018 and April 2018(£/kWh)  

Summer weekday unitsWinter weekday unitsWinter peak unitsEvening & weekend unitsNight units
MV T035+0.0031+0.0023+0.0092+0.0050+0.0018
MV T101+0.0031+0.0017+0.0080+0.0049+0.0018
MV T102+0.0031+0.0017+0.0079+0.0049+0.0019
MV T103+0.0031+0.0017+0.0079+0.0049+0.0018
HV T201+0.0029+0.0014+0.0069+0.0044+0.0028
HV T202+0.0028+0.0011+0.0065+0.0045+0.0028
HV T203+0.0028+0.0014+0.0068+0.0045+0.0028
Extra HV T301+0.0029+0.0012+0.0065+0.0045+0.0029
Extra HV T302+0.0028+0.0012+0.0064+0.0044+0.0028
Extra HV T303+0.0028+0.0012+0.0065+0.0045+0.0028
Gen T506/7+0.0029+0.0014+0.0067+0.0044+0.0028

Charges & Reactive Power

Difference between Oct 2018 and April 2018

Standing chargeCapacity chargeReactive power
£/day£/kVA, per day£/kVArh in excess
MV T035+0.0023
MV T101+0.0023+0.0009+0.0017
MV T102+0.0197+0.0003+0.0010
MV T103+0.0197+0.0003+0.0013
HV T201+0.0194+0.0008+0.0011
HV T202+0.0739+0.0004+0.0006
HV T203+0.0739+0.0005+0.0009
Extra HV T301+0.0776+0.0001+0.0004
Extra HV T302+0.4356+0.0000+0.0003
Extra HV T303+0.4356+0.0001-0.0004
Gen T506/7+0.0009

Non half hour metering - net change to tariffs from 1 October 2018

Tariff Type / Uos CodeStanding Charge £ per day£ per kWh
Popular T031+0.0011+0.0045

Tariff Type / Uos CodeStanding Charge £ per day£ per kWh Day£ per kWh Night
Nightsaver T032 / T034+0.0011+0.0053+0.0030

Tariff Type / Uos CodeStanding Charge £ per day£ per kWh Hi£ per kWh Lo
Weekender T033+0.0011+0.0046+0.0044

A brief explanation of the changes in the Regulated Charges for 2018/19 may be found in “Regulated Tariff Values – Information Note” which may be found on the Utility Regulator’s Website

If you have any further queries on the impact of changes in pass-through costs on your tariffs from 1st October 2018, or in relation to the services SSE Airtricity provide, please contact our customer services team us on 0345 602 9857 or your usual SSE Airtricity contact.

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