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Delivering tailored and sustainable energy solutions for your business

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SSE Airtricity can offer business customers a broad range of pricing options, including both long-term and short-term tailored contracts to meet your unique requirements

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Fixed price product

Lock in your energy costs for the duration of your contract with our fixed price product. No matter what happens, the energy component of your prices will remain fixed for the contract period. We can also offer you multi-year contracts providing greater cost certainty for the future. 

  • We will purchase your wholesale energy when you sign your contract, so if the wholesale energy market rises, you'll be safe in the knowledge that these costs won't change
  • You can use energy as you need to without worrying about a surcharge cost for exceeding a volume tolerance threshold.
  • Enjoy piece of mind that you will receive electricity backed by low-carbon generation

Flexible price products

Buy your energy in increments, at times that suit you ahead of or during the contract period. For example, over a two-year contract, purchases can be made monthly, quarterly, by season or a combination of all three. Key benefits: 

  • Manage risk and take advantage of market movements and changing conditions
  • Puts you in control of your buying patterns which can be adapted to reflect your business strategy and performance
  • Direct access to our trading team to facilitate energy purchases in real time. 


Our flexible approach lets you change between any of these products at the end of each month, provided you haven’t set prices for the month ahead.

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Fixed Price

We offer customers natural gas contracts where the energy component of the prices remain fixed for the contract period. Appeals to many customers whose priority is budget certainty.

Market Tracker

We offer customers natural gas contracts which track the market on either daily basis or on a front month basis.


We offer a flexible contract whereby customers can risk manage their forward position by fixing and unfixing tranches of their monthly demand.

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Better for the environment. Small changes, big impact. Choosing SSE Airtricity as your energy supplier is the ideal way to reduce your carbon emissions.

Better for the environment. Small changes, big impact.

Choosing SSE Airtricity as your energy supplier is the ideal way to reduce your carbon emissions.

We are the No.1 supplier and generator of renewable electricity in Northern Ireland. 100% of the energy we supply to our Business customers is from renewable sources. 

  • We currently generate over 120MW of clean, green energy at our wind farms in Northern Ireland, including the largest wind park in the region, with a further 131MW in construction or planning.
  • SSE Airtricity has Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with other generators for over 300MW of wind and solar power, including 46MW from the largest solar farm on the island – Bann Road at Rasharkin, Co Antrim. 

Energy management

We will help your business implement strategic energy control measures and design tailored solutions to suit all business types and budgets.

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