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Frequently asked questions

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an inspection, survey, and analysis of a business’s energy consumption for the purpose of identifying energy savings opportunities in a building and its operations. A mechanism to develop a register of energy efficiency solutions, to reduce the amount of energy required and the energy costs associated with operating a business.

Why should my business get an Energy Audit?

We recommend that you get an energy audit to diagnose accurately what your energy needs are. From the findings of an Energy Audit your business can develop a plan to improve its energy performance, gain insights into your energy consumption patterns & trends, obtain guidance on financial information on delivery of energy efficiency solutions. Solutions can vary changes in behaviour, to plant & equipment upgrades or self-generation of renewable energy. Assisting businesses setting a clear path to becoming more sustainable and reducing your businesses carbon footprint.

What is involved in an Energy Audit?

An SSE Airtricity energy audit consists of 5 main steps:

  1. Introduction & Scoping – An SSE Airtricity representative will contact your business to clearly set out the Energy Audit process and the benefits associated with implementation. They will define the scope of the works involved and identify and commence the collection of the relevant energy consumption related data to complete the audit successfully.
  2. Development of Audit Agenda – This step involves the identification of the significant energy users on site that require review, along with the key site personnel who can best advise on site operations. The site visit will then be scheduled, with key personnel in attendance on the day.
  3. Site Audit – The energy auditor will carry out a detailed analysis of the site, including all significant energy users. They will develop an understanding of energy usage patterns, current energy related practices on site and investigate the level of energy management which exists.
  4. Develop a Register of Opportunities – A detailed analysis will be carried out on the energy data from your site, from which a list of potential energy efficiency opportunities on site will be developed, highlighting where energy and cost savings can be made.
  5. Final Audit Report – The report contains comparative graphical results of the audit findings, which informs the recommendations of energy efficiency improvement actions. Also included is expert advise and guidance on financial scenarios and supports to assist implementation. The energy auditor will schedule a follow up meeting to discuss all the findings within the report.

Who conducts the Energy Audit?

A registered energy auditor, with the relevant qualifications and experience will conduct the audit of your business.

How long will it take and how much does it cost?

This will depend on the scale of your operation, and the amount of previous work carried out in understanding your energy use. This will determine how much time is needed at each phase of the energy audit and influence the cost of the audit

What timeframe is considered for audit energy related data purposes?

The reference period should be the previous accounting or calendar year or the closest year for which full information is available. Some estimation of data would be acceptable where data is not available or complete, but there would need to be a robust basis for any such estimation which in any case should be kept to a minimum.

Why is an Energy Audit important?

Conducting a routine energy audit ensures your business is continuously monitoring your energy consumption and highlighting measures of how it can reduce energy demand from new energy conservation improvements and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

What can a business expect to achieve from a commercial Energy Audit?

The main outcome from a successful audit are the following:

  • An energy audit will identify energy-saving opportunities
  • It will help you understand your energy usage and ways to use energy better
  • An energy audit can help you identify how to reduce carbon generated by your business

Does a business have to implement the findings of the audit?

Energy audits can identify energy inefficiencies which can be expensive for your business. Many energy savings initiatives are very cost-effective, and the energy audit findings and register of opportunities should be able to help prioritise projects.

How long is an energy audit valid for?

It is recommended that an energy audit is completed regularly, every four years for businesses for a particular size. While many of the opportunities highlighted may not change too much, the improvement recommendations may change due to advances in different technology types or the payback on certain measures may change.

What is a remote Energy Audit?

A remote energy assessment involves no physical visit to the building being assessed. An energy assessment is carried out using the data available through your energy bills and details provided of your operations on site

What transport fuel use needs to be included in the Energy Audit?

Any transport fuel that is consumed and a cost to the business, for use in any form of transportation, is included in the energy audit. Based on how this fuel is consumed an energy audit could identify opportunities for improving fuel efficiency.

I am an existing SSE Airtricity electricity / gas customer

The Energy Audit offering is not dependent on being an SSE Airtricity supply customer, this is available to all businesses who wish to avail.

I am not an existing SSE Airtricity electricity / gas customer

As above, the Energy Audit offering is not dependent on being an SSE Airtricity supply customer, this is available to all businesses who wish to avail.

What will I need to do to enquire about an Energy Audit?

You can contact SSE Airtricity on 0818 81 21 44 or to express an interest in getting an Energy Audit at your business premise.

What will happen after I express an interest in an Energy Audit?

After you contact SSE Airtricity, an Energy Auditor will respond to make arrangements for the initial introduction meeting or call. Our representative will take you through the process for availing of this offer, and what information is needed to complete the journey.

When will the Energy Audit be carried out at my business?

The Energy Audit will be carried out at a time that suits both your business and the energy auditor. It will be scheduled depending on demand and availability at that time.

Who do I contact if I wish to make a complaint related to an Energy Audit?

All complaints relating to Energy Audits should be directed to SSE Airtricity Business Energy Customer Services Team on 0818 81 21 44 or email . We’re here to help Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm.