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Energy Audit

An important first step on your green energy journey

Building a greener, cleaner future for your business

Build a sustainable green business

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Making your business more energy efficient

An Energy Audit is an important first step for businesses that want to save money, save energy and enhance your brand reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A bespoke audit of your business

There are various options available, such as a remote desktop audit or a comprehensive on-site audit. It typically involves a site visit and the duration of this is determined based on the size your business operations.

Simple process

It is a simple process which includes preparation, a site visit and reporting. The result is a better understanding of how much energy your business uses, processes that use the most energy and how to save energy.

Benefits of an Energy Audit or your business

Understand energy use

Learn where you use energy, where you waste energy and what you can do to be more efficient.

Save money

Identify the no-cost and low-cost changes you can make to achieve immediate savings.

Reduce risk

Lower your exposure to energy price and carbon tax increases to enhance your competitiveness.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce your energy related carbon emissions and enhance your brand and reputation.

What we offer

We have two options to suit your needs: A Desktop Audit and a Comprehensive Audit.

Desktop Audit Comprehensive Audit
Description A desktop audit involves a half day remote review. It can also be done remotely with the help of an on-site energy lead who can provide a remote tour of your facility. A comprehensive audit typically involves a one to two-day site visit. A full walkthrough will be undertaken by our expert who will provide a detailed audit report of their findings and recommendations to improve energy efficiency. Suitable for Medium to Large SME’s and Large Office Buildings.
Results • A benchmark energy performance comparison versus good practice energy performance of a similar facility.
• A Quarter Hour main Incoming Electrical Data analysis (if available). If quarter hour data is not available, then KPI and weather analysis versus billing data can be undertaken.
• A benchmark energy performance comparison versus good practice energy performance of a similar facility.
• A Quarter-Hour Main Incoming Electrical Data analysis including seasonal consumption pattern analysis, daily trend analysis, out of hours load analysis, MIC Analysis, heat map analysis, KPI and full energy inventory  including detailed significant energy user breakdown.
• Temporary data logging of SEU’s may also be possible
• Register of Opportunities with simple paybacks for efficiency improvements such as lighting, su-bmetering and solar PV.

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

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What happens next?


Introduction and audit scoping

An SSE Airtricity representative will contact your business to introduce you to our Energy Audit offering and its benefits. After that, there is an audit scoping. This helps define the scope of the works to be carried out in an Energy Audit, as well as to identify and collect the initial data required pre-audit.


Development of audit agenda

The Energy Audit agenda includes identification of key site personnel, significant energy users and areas of focus. When all of the relevant information has been provided then a site visit can be scheduled. It is vital that the key site personnel identified as part of the audit agenda are available on site on the day of the site visit.


Site audit and review of significant energy users

Our Energy Auditor will carry out a detailed analysis of the site during their visit to verify various energy users. This involves developing an understanding of the sites energy usage patterns and practices, while also establishing the level of energy management currently in place on the site.


Development of a register of opportunities

A detailed analysis will be carried out on the energy data from your site. A list of potential energy efficiency opportunities on site will be developed, highlighting where energy and cost savings can be made.


A final audit report

A final Energy Audit including comparative graphical results of the audit findings that we will present and discuss with you. Our report will also include recommendations of energy efficiency improvement actions, expert advice on financial supports and further guidance of how SSE Airtricity can support you in achieving your goals.

A simple solution


Energy savings

Improve green credentials

Highly accredited Energy Audit specialists