Electric Vehicle Charge Points - NI

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Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Save the environment with top of the range EV Charging Solutions

Building a greener, cleaner future for your business

Build a more sustainable business

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions

SSE Airtricity offer a range of EV charger solutions, specialist EV charging cables and service packages that could provide a potential new revenue stream for your business, while also lowering your carbon footprint.

Bespoke solution for your business fleet

We work with suppliers & partners to create a tailor-made solution that works for your business fleet.

Easy install

All Electric Vehicle systems can use Dynamic Load Management – allowing the installation of chargers without incurring costly infrastructure upgrades.

Benefits of EV Charge Points for your business

Lower carbon footprint

Demonstrate your commitment to reducing your businesses’ carbon footprint and contribute to cleaner air for everyone in the locality.

Meet legal standards

Regulations stipulate that workplaces need to have 10% of car parking spaces serviceable by an EV charging station. We can help you achieve these legal requirements.

Data tracking

Software tracks metrics, allowing companies to accurately quantify the number of electric kms powered and also the amount of CO2 saved.

Employee satisfaction

Providing employees with access to EV charging points can prove an attractive and cost effective part of a wider benefits package.

Generate money

Businesses can make money from its EV chargers. By having a price higher than the actual energy unit consumed, you receive additional revenue for your business.

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

Simple steps to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

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What we offer

SSE Airtricity can offer a range of EV charger solutions, specialist EV charging cables and service packages that can be completely tailored to the specific needs of each individual business location.

Destination Charging
Journey Charging
Trickle Charger Fast Charger Rapid Charger
32A (per phase)
>32A per phase
150+ kmr/h
Can work in car parks with long dwell times, but higher power is recommended where possible – not recommended for public/commercial charging. Ideal for company car parks or hotels – where dwell times are several hours.
Ideal for shopping centres, service stations and other strategic locations along the roads.
Also suited to busy company carparks where dwell times between trips is less than 1 hr.

Kmr/h refers to kms of range typically added to the car per hour of charging.

What happens next?


Free assessment and survey

If you are the owner of your property with available car parking space then request a callback and we will contact you to assess your needs, talk through the process for EV installation and arrange a site survey from our partners.


Design, proposal, and agreement

Following the survey, the most appropriate EV system will be designed for your business and you’ll receive a bespoke proposal tailored to suit your business needs.


End-to-end project management

Supply, installation and commissioning of the system, grant applications (if any), and expert support is all included in our end-to-end EV charging solution.


Tailored support

Our partners will provide ongoing maintenance support, with round the clock customer service and cloud-based management and reporting software.

A simple solution


Install EV Charging Solutions

Improve green credentials

High product quality assurance, certified installers, & customer service