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Irish consumers can save up to 200 million per year by changing energy behaviour

2 November 2011

Airtricity introduces Captain Energy – your ally in managing energy bills

2nd November 2011: Airtricity, Ireland’s fastest-growing energy supply company, has said that Irish consumers can save up to €100 per annum if they cut their annual energy use by just 10% - equivalent to a nationwide saving of up to €200 million every year*. 

Launching an extensive integrated marketing campaign fronted by a new customer champion, Captain Energy, the company today encouraged Irish consumers to make small changes to their energy behaviour in order to make significant savings to their energy bills.

Airtricity recently emerged as Ireland’s cheapest supplier of electricity and dual fuel energy products for the home**. Now, new customers who switch to Airtricity’s cheapest online tariff† will also receive a FREE Airtricity Home Energy Monitor which helps consumers to take greater control of their energy consumption. By using less energy, Airtricity customers can pay less, meaning real reductions in their energy bills.

Stephen Wheeler, Airtricity Managing Director, said, "Managing household bills is a struggle for a lot of people at the moment but many consumers do not understand that small actions like switching appliances off at the wall and turning off lights can make a huge difference to their energy consumption and costs. By cutting our annual home energy use by up to 10% each household can save up to €100 per annum. At Airtricity we want to help customers realise these savings and our new Airtricity Home Energy Monitor will provide customers with the real-time energy-use information that will encourage changes in behaviour to significantly reduce annual energy costs."

In your battle to reduce your energy bills, you have an ally. Airtricity’s new customer champion Captain Energy hits TV screens this week and is the new consumer ally in managing energy bills. Through an integrated marketing campaign combining TV and print advertising, promotional activity on TV3, online activity and PR, Captain Energy will deliver energy saving tips and advice to assist householders in their battle to control their energy budgets. 

Airtricity’s Energy Saving Tips include:

  • Install an Energy Monitor: You can save up to 10% on the cost of your total electricity usage costs by installing an Airtricity Energy Monitor which will update you on your energy spend at any given time, helping you to identify your household ‘energy hogs’ and encouraging you to turn off appliances that are not in use.
  • Lighting: In a typical home about 10-15% of electricity costs are for lighting. Always switch off the lights when you leave a room and remember that energy saving light bulbs will cut costs by up to 80%.
  • Heating: Make sure your radiators are unobstructed to allow the heat to circulate and if to room is warm enough, turn down your thermostat. Ensure your gas boiler is serviced annually for optimum results.
  • Washing: Ensure that you have a full load when using the washing machine and consider dropping the temperature in order to significantly reduce energy consumption. In addition, avoid using the dryer where possible but if you must, make sure that the clothes have gone through a spin cycle and are as dry as possible to reduce drying time.
  • Cooking: Choose the correct size burner/ring to match the saucepan you are using and only heat the amount of water you need. Putting a lid on the saucepan will help the water come to the boil quicker, and boiling the water in a kettle first will save time and energy once you don’t overfill the kettle.
  • Fridges: In order to keep your fridge working as energy-efficiently as possible, make sure you defrost it regularly, avoid keeping the door open for long periods of time and never put warm food in it.
  • Stereo and TV: Switch off your stereo and TV at the unit rather than using a remote control as appliances left on stand-by are still using electricity.
  • Home Office: Printers should always be turned off and chargers unplugged when not in use.



*Based on 2 million domestic households with a typical annual electricity bill of around €1000 reducing energy consumption by 10%. Calculations in comparison to Airtricity Standard unit rate and exclude standing charges and levies and are based on a customer with a typical annual electricity consumption of 5300kWh reducing their energy use by 530kWh. Total number of domestic MPRNs based on CER Distribution Customer Number Forecast 2009-2013.

**Airtricity’s best value 16% discounted electricity product (in comparison to Airtricity standard rates) is 18% cheaper than ESB Electric Ireland standard rates and almost 13% cheaper than the recently deregulated semi-state’s best introductory rates.

†New customers switching to electricity or a dual fuel (gas and electricity) bundle from Airtricity will receive a FREE Airtricity Home Energy Monitor when they switch at Airtricity.com to Airtricity’s cheapest online tariff (based on two year fixed discount product, paying by direct debit and ebill).