Are you the biggest energy loser?

24th March 2011: Airtricity is challenging households in Northern Ireland to lose pounds off their home energy bills by concentrating on energy efficiency in a Better Saver Challenge. The competition is open to households who sign up and then battle it out for a prize of a home re-insulation package worth £1,000.

Airtricity has partnered with u105fm to select five households and help them each week with energy efficiency top tips as part of our Better Saver Challenge. Each of the competitors will receive a state-of-the-art energy monitor to keep an eye on their savings and every week for the next five weeks on u105fm‟s Mornings with Frank Mitchell we‟ll  put each household through their home energy paces. The household

that reduces their energy usage the most after five weeks will be deemed the „biggest loser‟  and will save even more from the energy bills with a major £1,000 home Airtricity‟s Energy Doctor Kevin Middleton who will be guiding competitors through the process said, “The Better Saver Challenge, is an engaging way of getting customers to  focus  on  energy  efficiency  and  cut  their  bills.  The  competition  is  open  to  all electricity users, not just Airtricity customers. “Step one in anyone trying to save money off energy bills has to be „shop smart‟ and seek out the lowest prices. Airtricity‟s SmartSaver electricity rate is currently up to 14% lower than the standard NIE Energy tariff. You wouldn‟t pay for the most expensive heating oil or car insurance on the market, so why do it with electricity?”

Kevin said the Better Saver Challenge was unique in that all competitors would see financial benefits, “By reducing energy usage all of our households will cut their bills and save money so it really the case that everyone‟s a winner.”

The deadline for households to enter via is Monday 28 March 5pm.