Airtricity to present €7,500 to local Limerick and Tipperary community projects

Thursday 28th October 2010: Airtricity, Ireland’s fastest-growing and greenest energy utility, is today presenting €7,500 in community funding to local groups around the county border region of Limerick and North Tipperary. The presentation ceremony taking place at Doon GAA Club, Doon, Co. Limerick, beginning 1pm.

This year, Airtricity is making grant awards to six community-based projects adjacent to the 4-turbine Knockastanna Wind Farm. Under Airtricity’s Community Fund Programme, the company annually makes a financial contribution from each of its 26 wind farms across Ireland to local projects. This is the first presentation by Airtricity of the annual Community Fund for the Knockastanna Wind Farm which went into commercial operation in March 2009.

Airtricity is making individual funding awards to a selection of innovative projects promoted by community groups in the areas around the vicinity of the wind farm. Projects in areas including Doon, Kilcommon, Knockbrittas, Kilmoylan, Bilboa and Clonteen are being funded.

In addition to Community Fund benefits, investment in renewable energy presents an unparalleled opportunity to act as a leading economic stimulant locally and nationally in terms of construction jobs and materials, professional services and through local income in the form of local authority rates and landowner rental. 

Anne Reynolds, Airtricity Community Liaison Officer, comments:
“Renewable energy investment not only brings economic benefits to the country as a whole, but also specifically to local communities. At Airtricity, we believe that local communities, such as those Limerick and Tipperary communities around our windfarm near Doon, must also see the benefit of each wind farm in their locality. Airtricity’s Community Fund Programme at Knockastanna specifically benefits the communities adjacent to the wind farm and is our way of contributing over the life time of the wind farm to the future sustainable development of the local Limerick and Tipperary communities.”

The Knockastanna Wind Farm is operated by Airtricity’s parent company SSE, the broadest- based energy utility in Ireland and the UK. The wind farm has a generation capacity of 6 MW – enough electricity to power almost 3,500 homes – and all power produced by the wind farm exclusively supplies Ireland’s greenest electricity company Airtricity. 

The green energy generated at the Knockastanna Wind Farm will help ensure that Ireland meets its national targets of 40% renewables by 2020 and the EU’s mandatory 20% reduction in carbon emissions. As well as contributing to Airtricity’s greener electricity supply, the renewable energy produced at the Knockastanna Wind Farm contributes a massive reduction in greenhouse emitting CO2 of 6,780 tonnes each year.