Airtricity to present €12,000 to local community projects in the vicinity of Coomatallin wind farm

Thursday 16th December 2010: Airtricity, Ireland’s fastest-growing and greenest energy utility, is today presenting €12,000 in community funding to local groups in the vicinity of Coomatallin wind farm. The presentation ceremony is taking place at 1pm in the Dunmanway Rugby Football Club, Milleenanannig, Dunmanway, Co Cork.

Under Airtricity’s Community Fund Programme, the company makes a financial contribution from each of its 26 wind farms across Ireland to local projects. The fund has taken a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. This year’s Coomatallin fund is supporting projects from Dunmanway, Castletown-Kenneigh and Reenascreena as follows:


Isabelle Fitzpatrick, Reenascreena Community Playgroup, comments:
“The funding we have received from Airtricity will allow us to install additional insulation and replace the windows with double glazing. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the building meaning less electricity is used to maintain a comfortable environment for the children and staff.” 

Anne Reynolds, Airtricity Community Liaison Officer, comments:
“There was a very high level of applications all addressing our new focus of energy efficiency/sustainability. We continue to learn about new sustainable solutions and this year’s fund had our first application for a pig digester. I must admit it took me some time to realise that this was not actually a pig but a large drum for accelerated composting.”

In addition to Community Fund benefits, investment in renewable energy presents an unparalleled opportunity to act as a leading economic stimulant locally and nationally in terms of construction jobs and materials, professional services and through local income in the form of local authority rates and landowner rental.


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About Coomatallin Wind Farm
The Coomatallin Wind Farm is operated by Airtricity’s parent company SSE, the broadest- based energy utility in Ireland and the UK. The wind farm has a generation capacity of 6 MW enough electricity to power almost 4,000 homes and all power produced by the wind farm exclusively supplies Ireland’s greenest electricity company Airtricity. The green energy generated at the Coomatallin Wind Farm will help ensure that Ireland meets its national targets of 40% renewables by 2020 and the EU’s mandatory 20% reduction in carbon emissions. As well as contributing to Airtricity’s greener electricity supply, the renewable energy produced at the Coomatallin Wind Farm contributes a massive reduction in greenhouse emitting CO2 of 6,780 tonnes each year

About Airtricity
Airtricity is Ireland’s largest independent and fastest-growing energy utility, supplying 400,000 customers with cheaper and greener electricity and with cheaper gas for homes and businesses. Airtricity’s greener electricity supply is powered by SSE with almost 500MW of renewable energy from 26 wind farms across the country – the largest wind generation portfolio in Ireland. Airtricity has been recognised as the leading greener energy supplier in Ireland, winning the Green Energy Award in 2010 for the second year running, and is ranked the Most Reputable Energy Company in Ireland in the 2010 Ireland RepTrak Study.