Airtricity’s development business renamed SSE Renewables

4th January 2010: Dublin-based energy company Airtricity, the  No.1  supplier  of  cheaper  and  greener electricity to domestic and commercial customers in Ireland, has today (Monday 4th January 2010) renamed its renewable energy development business as SSE Renewables. A leading European developer of renewable energy, SSE Renewables will be headquartered at Airtricity House in Sandyford, Dublin, and will employ over 200 staff out of 17 office locations throughout Europe.

The  company,  which  supplies  green  energy  to  Ireland’s  greenest  energy  supplier Airtricity, is the country’s largest renewable energy developer and has invested over €800 million to date in renewable energy generation across the island. The company will invest a further €120 million in renewables in Ireland in the financial year 2010/2011. SSE Renewables will be responsible for the development and construction of SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy plc) Group’s renewable energy projects across Ireland, Great Britain and Continental Europe.

SSE is the leading generator of renewable energy in Ireland and the UK, with over 2,200MW of renewable electricity generation capacity (wind, hydro, and biomass) and a portfolio of over 15,000MW of renewable energy projects in construction, with consent or in development. The electricity generated by SSE’s renewable generation capacity in Ireland and  the  UK  powers SSE’s  supply brands including Airtricity in  Ireland and Atlantic Electric and Gas, Scottish Hydro, Southern Electric, and Swalec in Great Britain.

SSE  Renewables  will  develop  almost  2,500MW  of  consented  offshore  wind  farm projects in Ireland (Arklow Bank), Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as almost 1,500MW of consented onshore wind farm capacity in Ireland, Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal and Italy. In addition to onshore and offshore wind, the new company will   be   responsible for   the   exploration  and   development  of   other   renewables technologies including hydro, marine, biomass, and solar.

As  the largest renewable energy developer in  Ireland, Airtricity’s renewable energy development business has  invested over  €800  million  to  date  into  greener  energy generation across the island, with a further €120 million planned in the financial year

2010/2011. The company has a total of over 800MW of onshore and offshore wind farm capacity in Ireland in construction or with consent for development, and is progressing a significant pipeline. SSE operates 19 onshore wind farms in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland generating over 400MW of electricity to power greener energy supplier Airtricity.

Airtricity is the No.1 supplier of cheaper and greener electricity to domestic and commercial customers in Ireland. Airtricity now supplies 150,000 electricity customers in Ireland, enjoying savings of up to 13% on ESB unit rates, making it the third largest energy supply brand in the country.

Airtricity’s renewables development and energy supply businesses became part of SSE in February 2008 when the Perth, Scotland-based company acquired the Irish business.