What is Generation Green?

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28th September 2020

What is Generation Green?

Generation Green is a catalyst. It’s the core idea of a movement that enables people to change their behaviour. Individuals, communities and households all across the country are embracing Generation Green, playing their part in changing the world for the better.

At SSE Airtricity, Generation Green empowers our customers, teams, and partners to better understand the implications of energy choices and how our small everyday habits can combine to have a positive impact on our planet’s future. Like choosing to power your home and business with 100% green energy† instead of fossil fuels.

Since 2018, we have deployed various Generation Green campaigns to help remind people of SSE Airtricity's green DNA. SSE Airtricity is proud of its history of renewable development in Ireland which started over 20 years ago and as grown at pace to become Ireland’s largest developer, operator and supplier of renewable energy, with 28 onshore wind farms around the island of Ireland generating over 890MW of green energy – enough to power over half a million homes.

The latest phase of This is Generation Green launched earlier this week and in the video below our home and business customers speak for themselves, demonstrating how they are part of Generation Green.

David Manning, Director of Home Energy of SSE Airtricity commented: “At the centre of all of this are the stunning visuals provided by our very own Galway Wind Park and its hiking trails being enjoyed by families. The people and parts of the business that we feature are our greatest advocates and our greatest allies. Not only that, but the people in the ad are real families who are customers of ours. Who better to front up the next stage of Generation Green?’

This is Generation Green portrays the range of what SSE can offer and highlights that thousands of homes and businesses have started their green journey by making the move to 100% renewable electricity.

In this new phase of Generation Green, we also tell the SSE Airtricity story beyond just supplying homes with energy. It highlights what we do to provide solutions for customers who want to be greener, services like our new Generation Green Home UpgradeFarmGenUtility Solutions and street lighting – all of which help individuals, families, businesses and communities reduce their carbon footprint.

As an energy supplier, we aim to support our customer in all of their energy needs. We work with small and medium businesses to deliver energy efficiency solutions which help businesses reduce their costs. But, in addition to making 100% green energy accessible to small and medium enterprises, we’re also the proud energy partner to some of the most recognizable brands in the world. We count Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Eir and Glanbia as some of our I&C clients who have chosen to power their Irish operations with 100% green energy.

generation green insect house

Another aspect of Generation Green is education and engagement through sustainability and energy efficiency. Our wonderful experts at SSE Airtricity recently collaborated on our Sustainability Partnership with Dublin Zoo to create the popular Eco Explorer’s Club, which will be making a return this October to celebrate the latest season of RTÉ’S ‘The Zoo’ TV series.

eco explorers club

Stars of the last series and The Zoo TV will feature – including Don Conroy, Brendan the Zookeeper, and Reuben The Entertainer. Watch out for the new series and an amazing giveaway on our social channels this October. Follow us @SSEAirtricity

For more information on Generation Green and how to join the movement, visit www.sseairtricity.com/generationgreen.