Submitting a meter read

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10th October 2022

Submitting a meter read

Find out everything you need to know about meter readings: why they are important, when to do them and how to sign up for reminders.

Note: If you have a smart meter for electricity with Interval (30 minute) Smart Services enabled, you don't need to submit readings as your usage is logged remotely by your meter. If your meter has Non-Interval (Bi-Monthly) Smart Services enabled, it's still recommended that you submit regular meter readings.

Meter readings help keep your bill accurate
It's a good idea to submit regular meter readings if you can to help make your bill more accurate. If you're unable to submit meter readings, we'll need to rely on estimates or readings received from the networks providers.

The best time to do it is just before you receive your bill
Submitting a reading just before the end of your billing period minimises the number of days we need to estimate. We can accept readings up to 2 days before your bill is due, so the last few days may still appear as an estimated reading.

We have free meter reading reminders
You can get electricity and gas meter reading reminders by email or SMS (or both). Reminders are customised to your billing period, so they'll be sent a few days before your bill is due. To sign up for and manage your reminders, log in to My SSE Airtricity or through our App.

They're really easy to do
Check our Meter Reading Guide to find out how to read your electricity or gas meter.

They're easy to submit
Once you have your reading there are a number of ways to submit your reading(s):

  1. Our App – Our app is the easiest way to submit a meter reading. Download app here
  2. Online - Log in to My SSE Airtricity
  3. Online Electricity – ESB Networks
  4. Online Gas – Gas Networks
  5. Text: Electricity only: Text ESB Networks on 087 960 9223 with your MPRN number, name, address and meter reading.
  6. Phone: These lines are automated and available 24 hours a day:
  • Electricity: Call ESB Networks on 1800 337 777 (Callsave) with your MPRN number
  • Gas: Call Gas Networks Ireland on 1800 42 77 32 (LoCall) with your GPRN number
Note: It's important not to send us more than one reading on the same day, as this could cause your bill to be delayed.


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