SSE Airtricity is proud to support the National LGBT+ Helpline

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30th January 2023

SSE Airtricity is proud to support the National LGBT+ Helpline

SSE Airtricity launch a new campaign to drive nationwide awareness of the LGBT+ Helpline

Last year The National LGBT Ireland helpline announced its funding partnership with SSE Airtricity. This is the first time the helpline has been fully funded, allowing the service to remain free of charge in 2023. LGBT Ireland provides vital support to those who need it most, seven days a week.

Paula Fagen CEO of LGBT Ireland said, “The helpline can be a lifeline for people who are struggling and so it’s imperative that we can provide the service free of charge to everyone that needs it”.

This partnership has allowed us to drive further awareness of LGBT Ireland’s services through radio and digital channels to everyone throughout Ireland, no matter where they are. We believe LGBT Ireland is essential to all communities around Ireland and play’s an important part in supporting so many people including, family members and friends who are seeking help and information to support their LGBT+ loved ones. 

We’re delighted with the support we’ve been able to give so far and are proud to share some stories from National LGBT+ Helpline Community. We hope these stories will encourage people that the Helpline is a confidential safe space for everyone to ask questions, seek advice and simply be their true, whole self.

We’re privileged to have Tara, Tom and Adam who’ve used the LGBT Helpline share their stories with us, which you can listen to below in the three podcasts.

The National LGBT+ Helpline is run through a network of trained volunteers based in six local helplines across the country. They are in Cork, Galway, Mayo, Kilkenny, Dundalk and Dublin. It operates 30 hours a week, seven days a week.

You can contact the LGBT Helpline by freephone 1800 929 539. For more information, please visit

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