SSE Airtricity is Powering Green Living with a 21 Day Challenge for Ireland

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26th February 2018

SSE Airtricity is Powering Green Living with a 21 Day Challenge for Ireland

Baz Ashmawy and Roz Purcell will take the challenge to live greener this month...

You can take the challenge too and win a year’s free 100% Green electricity.

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Irish TV presenter Baz Ashmawy and healthy living entrepreneur Roz Purcell are joining SSE Airtricity in challenging Ireland to live greener this month. Today, SSE Airtricity launched the 21 Day Challenge, to inform and empower people to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives; choices that will ultimately make a difference for our environment, and our household bills. 

Alongside Baz and Roz, SSE Airtricity is challenging the country to make better environmental decisions over the next 21 days and will reward one lucky person who takes up the challenge with a prize of a year’s free 100% Green electricity.

Making small changes to our daily habits, thinking about the products we use and how they’re made, or reducing our consumption of resources can have a powerful impact. Whether it’s choosing locally-sourced or organic food, opting for sustainable fashion and eco-friendly beauty products, or switching to energy from renewable sources, there are many ways to build better green habits for the future.

They say it takes just 21 days to develop a habit*, and small steps such as ditching unnecessary appliances in your home, commuting smarter, adjusting your heating thermostat by one degree, or even choosing a veggie option at mealtimes can help you move towards a greener lifestyle.

SSE Airtricity knows the importance of living green, and how small changes can not only make a significant difference to people’s use of precious resources including energy, but also to their overall health, wealth and environmental impact. As Ireland’s largest supplier of 100% Green energy, SSE Airtricity is powering a greener Ireland, providing the clean, renewable energy we need to create a more sustainable future for our country, whilst helping to safeguard our environment for generations to come. Speaking at the launch, Baz Ashmawy said: “The SSE Airtricity Powering Green Living 21 Day Challenge is something I’m really excited to be taking part in. When I saw some of the facts and statistics from SSE Airtricity, I was amazed by how much energy is wasted without realising, and I couldn’t believe how significant an impact adapting just small habits can make to our environmental output as a family. I want my kids to grown up in a clean, green country and breathe the freshest air there can be, and the Powering Green Living challenge is definitely something that will help our home and environment become greener for the better.”

Roz Purcell, also taking on the Powering Green Living 21 Day Challenge, said; “Although I’ve always recognised the importance of a greener lifestyle and I’m mindful of being as sustainable as possible when it comes to how I fuel my body and getting outdoors; there are so many small things in other areas of my life that I’m definitely excited to learn more about and put into practice over the next three weeks through the 21 Day Challenge.

SSE Airtricity will be rewarding all those taking up the challenge throughout the three weeks with the opportunity to win special prizes, including a year’s free 100% Green electricity, tickets to The SSE Arena, Belfast, and Dublin Zoo passes.

SSE Airtricity has pulled together some facts that will get you thinking and help you embrace the #PowerOfGreen

Did you know that?

    • Make sure you separate your recyclables; recycling an aluminum container saves 95% of the energy taken to make a new one and a tonne of recycled paper saves 17 trees! Get your recycling in order! 1
    • Don’t leave the fridge door open for too long while getting food. For every 10–20 seconds the door is open it takes 45 minutes for the fridge to cool down to its original temperature. Limit Midnight Snacking! 2
    • Transport accounted for 42% of Ireland’s energy consumption in 2014. Take a stroll or a bike ride to work to cut down on your carbon footprint. Commute Smarter! 3
    • By eating veggie two days a week you can reduce your food chain emissions by nearly 30%. The effect of one kilo of beef on the environment is equivalent to that of seven litres of petroleum so it pays to cut down and adopt a more veggie heavy diet. Go Veggie! 4
    • Showers use less water than baths with the average seven-minute shower using around 49 litres of hot water vs 80 litres for a bath. You can still shorten down your shower by just one minute a day to save 2,500 litres per year. Shower Shorter! 5
    • There are plenty of eco-labelled soaps, shampoos and conditioners but it's harder to find green cosmetics. At a minimum try to find products with the least chemicals. Read your beauty labels! 6
    • Invest in a beaker or Keep Cup instead of buying bottled water. Currently only 40% of plastic is recycled in Ireland. Use a water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottles. Invest in sustainable plastics! 7
    • SSE Airtricity is Ireland’s leading provider of 100% Green energy from clean, renewable sources. Switch to SSE Airtricity now to get 10% off electricity and €135 welcome credit. Switch and save more than money!

You can follow Baz and Roz’s journeys, as well as start your own, and sign-up for a chance to win one year’s free 100% Green electricity plus other great prizes at #PowerOfGreen

Get inspiration, tips and share your own Powering Green Living challenge experiences on Facebook: @SSEAirtricity and Twitter: @SSEAirtricity. #PowerOfGreen


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