Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment

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14th March 2023

Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment

Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment 

The Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme (NDAFP) provides a payment of £150 to eligible non-domestic customers in Northern Ireland. Customers do not need to apply for the scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I am eligible for the NDAFP scheme?

Each unique supply address will receive a NDAFP payment provided it:

Is a Non-Domestic electricity customer and has an active, energised, electricity meter reading above zero within the past 12 months (up to 22 January 2023.) For more information on eligibility criteria for this scheme please click here.

How will I receive this support?

 If you’re an eligible customer, the £150 credit will be automatically applied to your electricity account, and you’ll see this on your bill.

I have Electricity and Gas supply at my Business. Am I entitled to a discount on both utilities?

No, the payment is for electricity only.

When will I see this support apply to my bill?

Eligible customers will have the payment automatically applied to their account by 10 March 2023. The payment will appear as a line item on your next bill after this date.

Where can I find more information about the scheme?

For more information on how the Government is supporting non-Domestic customers click here.

How much is the payment?

Eligible customers will receive a once off payment of £150.

What other supports are available?

If you need help paying a bill, we can arrange a payment plan if you need one. You can also take proactive steps now to reduce your energy consumption. We provide a full range of energy saving advise, tips and programmes to help you control your energy use.

Is the payment excluding or inclusive of VAT?

The £150 credit will be applied to your balance after VAT has been applied at the prevailing rate.


  Energy Charges  £200
  Including VAT at 20%  £240
  ND AFP Credit  -£150
  Balance to be paid by customer  £90


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