Introducing ICOS

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27th April 2023

Introducing ICOS

SSE Airtricity has been announced as an official project partner for the European funded ICOS project which will use IoT technology and AI to help consumers reduce energy waste and costs.

ICOS (IoT2Cloud Operating System) features more than 20 organisations across 11 EU countries including UCD based CeADAR, motoring giant Stellantis, software developer RedHat, and the university of Athens.

Funded by the Horizon European programme and aims to develop an operating system connecting different computer processing and storage capabilities (IoT, Edge and Cloud) where data will be managed in a secure, sustainable way for SMART energy decisions.

SSE Airtricity’s involvement in the project is to help design and provide an Energy Management and Decision Support System (EMDS) using the ICOS Operating System on data collected from five smart homes which need to be equipped with SMART technologies including Smart Meters, Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, and Electric Vehicles or Home batteries.

Using AI, the ICOS operating system will take energy decisions and determine when/if the energy will be used, produced, or stored.

AI decisions will reduce the customer’s energy demand by scheduling use of energy away from peak time and boosting usage of renewable energy. The automated decisions will be generated in a sustainable and cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and associated energy costs.

Finally, ICOS Operating System will result in an energy management system where customers are enabled to fully understand their energy usage, proactively manage energy generation and storage in aid of decarbonization and net zero emission plans.

Speaking about the project SSE Airtricity Senior Data Scientist Rosi Davi said:

“We are delighted to be part of ICOS and working with our European partners to bring better energy management and value to consumers. At SSE Airtricity we have long believed technology is a great enabler and has significant potential to reduce energy demand and costs for consumers.

“ICOS comes at a time where SMART meters are just taking hold in Ireland and there is a wealth of internet enabled, controllable devices which present new challenges in how companies can deliver bespoke and customised operating profiles efficiently and securely. The project has the potential to be a win-win for customers and the environment by providing live, easy to understand data that utilizes AI to automatically make the right choices at the right time for the energy user.”

The €11 million project began in September 2022 and will run until September 2024. For more information on ICOS and the project consortium please visit

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