Go GREEN this Christmas

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10th December 2018

Go GREEN this Christmas

There are so many simple ways to save energy and stay green over Christmas. Recycling, reusing and composting are some of the little things we can all do to create a more sustainable Ireland for everyone.

Gift giving  

Oranges with cloves

Last-minute gifts can be a nightmare. Avoid the queues and get crafty. Impress friends and family with homemade gifts like Christmas decorations or festive treats. Not only is it more thoughtful, you avoid excess packaging. 

Reuse and recycle

Christmas presents with simple paper wrapping

Why not reuse newspaper and twine to wrap, saving on paper waste and adding a retro twist. Gift wrap and packaging can create a lot of paper, plastic and glass waste. Having separate bins for paper, plastic, metal and glass means you can recycle with ease.


Christmas Tree with lights

Your local recycling or garden centre will usually take Christmas trees after the festive period. This is an easy way to dispose of your tree in a more environmentally-friendly way and avoid the landfill.


Pine cone with small Christmas lights

Choose LED lights this Christmas and try turning down your thermostat. Not only will this save energy and money, it’s a perfect excuse to pop on a cosy Christmas jumper. 


Hands baking at Christmas

Get thrifty when preparing festive nibbles, make simple homemade classics to save on plastic packaging and unnecessary waste. Get clever when entertaining too, avoid individual paper or plastic plates and cups. Cake stands and chopping boards can make great serving platters. When the party is over, composting is a great way to put your leftovers to good use and help the environment.

We’re off now to make some Christmas biscuits and pop on the Christmas jumpers.

Thank you for being a part of Generation Green and playing your part in creating a more sustainable Ireland.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from SSE Airtricity!