Give your house and the environment some love with a green energy home upgrade

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20th December 2022

Give your house and the environment some love with a green energy home upgrade

DIYSOS: The Big Build Ireland is returning to our screens on RTÉ on Friday 30 and Saturday 31, December, for the most ambitious and heart-warming home upgrade to date. In this DIYSOS Autumn Special, Baz Ashmawy, Design Build and Garden Teams, renovate six homes in beautiful Kingston College for six Ukranian families and also create a Diarmuid Gavin designed community garden for the whole community to enjoy.

Delivering on its commitment to support communities in need, SSE Airtricity and the Generation Green Home Upgrade team were on duty this series with 18 volunteers, from across different areas of our business, assisting with the home and community garden upgrades. Carmel Brennan, Environmental Advisor with SSE Airtricity also assisted with the sustainability and biodiversity element, renovating the communal garden with well-known and respected TV personality and Professional Gardener Diarmuid Gavin.

The Generation Green Home Upgrades programme is SSE Airtricity’s innovative ‘one stop shop aimed at supporting homeowners in their own journey to reduce the carbon footprint of their home through a series of energy upgrade solutions. These upgrades will help improve the BER (Building Energy Rating) of your home while helping you save on energy usage, cut costs and increase the overall value of your house.

The Generation Green Home Upgrade programme includes:


We always advise a “fabric first” approach to home retrofitting, meaning upgrading the homes insulation in both the attic/roof spaces and walls. Approximately 60% of a home's overall heat loss is contributed to poorly insulated or non-insulated walls and attics.

A well-insulated home tackles this heat loss, which results in lower energy bills. Wall insulation can be both internal and external, again preventing heat loss through measures which involve fixing specialised insulation material to the walls or injecting it directly into the walls to plug weaker spots. Similarly, windows and doors can be privy to pesky draughts, which means higher running costs to heat your home as escaping air puts an increased reliance on heating. Adding new windows and doors with double glazing and airtight seals can reduce heat loss, minimising outside noise and adding value to your home, so it’s a win-win.

Solar Panels

The addition of solar panels to your home can see you saving up to 50% per annum on electricity bills and can supply 70% of your home’s hot water requirements, as well as lowering its carbon emissions. Thanks to the advancements in solar technology in recent years, this is an entirely feasible option, even in the temperamental Irish weather conditions. Contrary to popular belief, general daylight will suffice for energy absorption, whether the sun shines or not.

Heat Pumps

An economic electricity-generated option, heat pumps provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. They can be used to replace existing oil or gas boilers in well-insulated homes and allow you to take a hands-on approach to heating your home with fully-controllable options. While the installation of a heat pump can initially require investment, the expense will prove its worth in years to come. It is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home, its low maintenance, quiet, can improve air quality within the home, and there are grants available for installation in Ireland.

EV Charging

If you’ve already jumped aboard the electric car way of life or are contemplating its benefits, you may consider adding a charging point in your home at some point. SSE Airtricity provides 100% green energy† that will continue to reduce your carbon emissions and add convenience to your day-to-day life. There are SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) grants available which can help lower installation costs, too and free quotes are available to see if it’s a cost-effective option for you.

If you’re interested in upgrading to a cosier, more energy-efficient home and want to save some money along the way, learn more about SSE Airtricity’s Generation Green Home Upgrade programme.

The service includes a free home assessment with expert advice on how to upgrade your home in a way that works for you, all grant and planning applications are taken care of, flexible finance options are available, and you’ll receive expert project management from start to finish, leaving you with a more valuable and energy-efficient home with an improved BER result. There’s even a BER calculator on site to help provide some recommendations for your home: