Earth Day 2020

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21st April 2020

Earth Day 2020

This is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the theme is climate action. Climate change presents huge challenges for us all but also presents some great opportunities to make a difference as a country, business and community.

For Earth day this year we are asking you share any tips you have for climate action - are you a conscious shopper? Have you reduced your waste at home and how have you done this, is your garden or balcony a bee haven? how have you created this? What repurposed masterpieces have you created?

 Speech bubbles saying "Get everyone involved" 

There are a lot of resources out there that can help you get started or give you some new ideas for the difference you can make in your home

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The Rediscovery Centre is the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland. A creative movement connecting people, ideas and resources to support greener low-carbon living. You can find some great tips and suggestions at Rediscovery Centre.

Graphic of a bee on a flower with "Bee pollinator friendly"

Find out how you can create an environment where bees can survive and thrive through the All-Ireland National Pollinator Plan.

Graphic of plastic bottle with "Do a plastic audit"Graphic of a bin with "Go zero-waste for one day"

If everyone in Ireland recycled one more piece of plastic every week, we could recycle 250 million more pieces of plastic every year. Find out more at Repak

Graphic of seedlings with "Compost creatively"

Whatever type of space you have no matter how big or how small there is an opportunity to plant, using food waste to help your plants and veggies to flourish. To find out more check out GIY.