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Interview with Captain Energy - an exclusive chat with the energy superhero


2 November 2011

by An exclusive chat with the energy superhero

What made you want to be a superhero?

I couldn’t sit back and watch people wasting energy and wasting money any longer. I just wanted to help people. And wear a costume.


Got any special powers?

If you call helping people to use less energy and save money on their bills special powers, then yes, I have special powers. Plus I’m pretty good at climbing.


So where’d you get the costume?

I made it.


You sew?

I do.


Right. Who is your inspiration?

Neil Armstrong. Buddha. Morrissey. In that order.


What gets you up in the morning?

Well, my job obviously.


As a superhero?

No, I’m an engineer.


And a superhero?

Well I’m only a superhero in the evenings. And bank holidays.


Biggest fashion mistake?

I wore a huge hat in university. It was far too big and kept slipping over my eyes.


Most extravagant purchase?

That hat was pretty extravagant. University was a crazy time.


And what university was that?

I’m reluctant to disclose that, in case anybody discovers my secret identity.


Which is of Alan, a mild mannered engineer...

Who told you my name was Alan?


You told the receptionist when you came in.

Damn it. I’m always doing that.


Favourite type of energy?

Kinetic energy, definitely. It’s just so exciting. Although I can appreciate the subtle beauty of potential energy too.


What book are you reading?

Spiderman issue #11. I’m re-reading it actually.


Favourite Colour?

Presidential blue.


Favourite food?

Actually can I change that last one to light green? And my favourite food is... I dunno, apples?


Favourite drink?

Energy drinks! AHAHAHAHA!!!

(continues laughing at this for fully five minutes)