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SmartSaver Standard

  • SmartSaver Standard electricity tariffs apply after Introductory rates expire.
  • Up to 4% discount automatically applies.
  • No fixed term contract.
  • Available from: 1/2/2008 - Present

Tariffs & Savings

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Direct Debit
& eBill
Direct Debit
& Post
No Direct Debit
& eBill
No Direct Debit
& Post
% Discount off SSE Airtricity Standard4% 3% 1% 0% -
24hr (cents/kWh)Inc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx Vat
General Units 24 hr17.0515.0217.2315.1817.5815.4917.7615.6517.7615.65
Night Storage Heating9.017.949.108.029.308.199.398.279.398.27
Nightsaver (cents/kWh)Inc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx VatInc VatEx Vat
Day Units18.2116.0418.4016.2118.7716.5418.9716.7118.9716.71
Night Units9.017.949.108.029.308.199.398.279.398.27

Annual Standing Charges
Electricity (euro/year)Inc. VATEx. VAT
Urban 24 hr151.33133.33
Urban Nightsaver194.51171.37
Rural 24 hr189.98167.39
Rural Nightsaver236.85208.67

Estimated Annual Bill^
Meter Type(inc VAT) based on DD/eBill
Urban 24 hr972.04
Urban Nightsaver870.77
Rural 24 hr1,010.69
Rural Nightsaver913.11