Electricity supply and Electric vehicle deal

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Electricity only

12 month contract

10% off green electricity plus a €250 electric vehicle credit*

Your estimated annual bill for this plan is €1,535.10*

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Join Generation Green and get:

Electric Vehicle Credit

Exclusively with ePower, enjoy a warm welcome with a credit of €250 off your bill.

Green Energy

Power your home using 100% green electricity, with a 10% discount on our standard unit rate.

SSE Rewards

Great discounts from leading retail stores, Dublin Zoo, competitions and more.

Our electricity prices

Your bill consists of 3 kinds of charges

Including VAT
Excluding VAT

Unit rates(cents/kWh)

This is the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy used. 

Electricity Discounted rate
(inc VAT)
Standard rate
(inc VAT)
24hr meter
Night Saver meter (Day)
Night Saver meter (Night)

Smart meter unit rates

If you've had a smart meter installed, you can upgrade to Smart Services and select one of our smart meter tariffs. Your meter will move to Day, Night, or Peak set up, so you'll be able to shift your daily energy to less expensive times of the day
Smart Day
(8am to 11pm excluding peak times)
Smart Night
(11pm to 8am)
Smart Peak
(5pm to 7pm)

Standing charges (Fixed charge)

These are charges associated with providing electricity and gas network services and a share of the supply costs in servicing your account. They may vary by supplier.

Electricity meter type
€ per year
(inc VAT)
Cent per day
(inc VAT)
Urban 24hr meter
Urban Night saver
Rural 24hr Meter
Rural Night saver
Urban Smart
Rural Smart

PSO levy (Public Services Obligation)

This is charged by every supplier and applies to all domestic electricity customers. The current rate was set from 1st October 2021. 

Cost per year
(inc VAT)

Estimated annual bill

This estimated annual bill includes the discounts associated with this plan based on DD/eBill. 

(incl. VAT)
Urban 24hr meter
Rural 24hr
Urban Nightsaver
Rural Nightsaver
Urban Smart
Rural Smart
Power your electric vehicle and home with 100% Green Electricity<sup>†</sup>.

Power your electric vehicle and home with 100% Green Electricity.

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Switching made easy


Schedule your EV Charger Installation

If you've not already booked your EV charger installation, contact ePower on 1800 848 111 and they will schedule a time and date that suits you.


Switch to us

Once you've signed up, we'll take care of the rest, with no disruption to your supply. We will send you a welcome letter within 14-days.


Pay your first bill

We'll email you instructions on how to claim your EV credit.

Phone 0818 81 81 10

Monday to Friday 8am - 6.30pm

Request a call back

We’ll call you back at a day & time that suits

Good to know


You’ll be signing up to a 1 year contract. If you leave early, there’s a termination charge of €50.

Direct debits

If you cancel your direct debit, a €300 deposit will be applied to your account.

14 days to change your mind

After you’ve signed up online, you’ll have 14 calendar days to cancel your switch.

Your plan details


€250 EV credit

This contract is for 12 months

Included in this plan

Direct Debit

Email Billing