What is the Conversion Factor and why does it change?

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What is the Conversion Factor and why does it change?

The Conversion Factor is a multiplier we use to convert your gas from the units on your meter (cubic meters or hundred cubic feet) into the units you are billed on (kilowatt hours).

Cubic meters (m3) and hundred cubic feet (hcf) are units of volume i.e., how much gas you use, while kilowatt hours (kWh) are a unit of energy i.e., how much energy was released from burning the gas you used. The Conversion Factor is the amount of energy (in kWh) released from burning 1m3 or 1hcf of gas.

Why the Conversion Factor changes 

The reason the Conversion Factor changes is that the energy content of your gas (sometimes referred to as its calorific value) varies depending on:

  • Where it is sourced from
  • The physical composition of the gas
  • Local temperature and pressure

Gas Networks Ireland (which owns and maintains the gas network in the Republic of Ireland) monitors these factors and adjusts the Conversion Factor accordingly for each gas meter reading or estimate they supply to us.

The Conversion Factor and your bill

As the Conversion Factor is determined by Gas Networks Ireland, this means they are responsible for supplying all gas meter readings and estimates to us. If we don't receive a gas meter reading or estimate during your billing period we won't be able to bill you for gas (unlike electricity where we can generate estimates).

The easiest way to avoid not receiving a gas bill is to submit regular gas meter readings. Find out how to read your gas meter and submit a reading online

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