What are standing charges?

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What are standing charges?

Standing charges are a combination of the fixed charges associated with providing electricity and gas network services and a share of the supply costs in servicing your account. They may vary by supplier.

How much are my standing charges?

Electricity standing charges

There are 4 different classes of standing charges, only one will apply to you:

  • Urban 24hr
  • Urban Nightsaver 
  • Rural 24hr
  • Rural Nightsaver

Urban or rural is determined by the location of your property and is assigned by ESB Networks. Rural customers pay a higher standing charge as it costs more to supply electricity to properties further away from the network. You can find this on your bill.

24hr or Nightsaver depends on your rate type. Customers on a 24hr rate pay a single rate for electricity no matter what time of day it is.

Customers on Nightsaver rates have a meter which separately records day and night usage, and they may also have a night storage heater. They pay slightly higher standing charges.

Gas standing charges

All gas customers pay the same standing charges

Standing charges on your bill

The easiest way to view your charges is to check the ‘Details of Charges’ column on your bill – you can do this online through My SSE Airtricity.

You can also view a list of all our current tariffs online. Each tariff will have details of standing charges involved.

Rates and Charges