Smart Metering - What services can I get with smart meters?

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What services can I get with smart meters?

Customers with smart meters can take advantage of a new generation of products and services. Smart meters enable your electricity usage to be logged remotely, reducing the need for manual meter readings and estimated bills. You can choose between Interval (30 minute) or Non-Interval (Bi-Monthly) smart meter services.

Making the switch to Smart Services means you'll have more accurate bills. We'll move you to a Day / Night / Peak tariff, so you can start to shift your daily energy usage to times of the day where energy costs are lower.

If you select Interval (30 minute) Smart Services, your smart meter will log your usage every 30 minutes. You'll be able to see a breakdown of your daily usage, in 30 minute intervals, online through your My SSE Airtricity account the day after you’ve used this electricity. Your meter connectivity will need to be Level 3 or Level 4 to avail of Interval (30 minute) Smart Services. Find out more about smart meter connectivity.

If you select Non-Interval (Bi-Monthly) Smart Services, or if this is the only option available to you, you won’t be able to see your 30 minute usage breakdown but we will receive your read once every two months. This will reduce the need for manual meter reads and will help keep your bills more accurate.

Note: Once you've switched to Smart Services, you won't be able to revert to your previous meter type.