Prepayment electricity meter User Guide

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Prepayment electricity meter User Guide

User guide

For a complete guide on how to use your meter, please download our Pay As You Go electricity meter User Guide (PDF, 500KB).

The buttons explained

* - Press this before entering your Power Code to top up.

# - Press this after entering your Power Code when topping up.

1 - Credit in Euros and estimated days left based on your last week's electricity usage.

2 - Cost of your previous usage for the past day, week, month and last 12 months.

3 - Unit rate (what you are charged per kWh of electricity) and number of units used.

4 - The last 5 power codes entered. 

5 - Total money entered into meter.

6 - Amount (in kWh) of electricity which is currently being used, cost per hour, and carbon footprint over time.

7 - Standing charge and repayment rates per day (if applicable).

8 - 1) Point of highest consumption, 2) Time it happened, 3) Date it happened.

9 - Total units (in kWh) used.

0 - Display test, time and date. Meter serial number, refund code details and switch status (open/closed), current time and date.

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