I moved out and forgot to tell you. What should I do?

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I moved out and forgot to tell you. What should I do?

If you moved and forgot to tell us, please contact us immediately. If you’re the account holder, you'll be responsible for all the power used in your last property until you notify us.

You can either:

You’ll also need to provide:

  • Meter readings from your last day in the property (we can estimate these if you don't have the final readings yourself) Note: If the property has a smart meter for electricity with Interval (30 minute) Smart Services enabled, there is no need to submit a reading as the usage will be logged remotely. If the meter has Non-Interval (Bi-Monthly) Smart Services enabled, you should submit a meter reading when moving out as with a standard meter. Be sure to always include a gas meter reading if your premise has a gas meter.
  • Your new address so we can send you your final bill 
  • Contact details for your old property – either the landlord/letting agent if you were renting or the new occupiers/agent if you were selling

Will my charges be backdated?

If the new occupier/landlord accepts the charges from your move-out date, we will backdate them. Otherwise we'll have to charge you up to the date you let us know you moved.

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