Meter reading guide: how to read your gas meter

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Gas meter reading guide


Choose your meter type from the list below. Most people have a standard meter so that's a good place to start. 

Standard/Digital Meter

Standard or digital meters all have one row of numbers. Your meter may have 3, 4 or 5 digits, but you can read all of them in the same way.

To read your meter:

  1. Write down the numbers from left to right, including any zeros 

  2. Ignore any numbers after the comma or decimal point. If your meter does not have a decimal point, read all numbers, including any zeros.

    Eg. The readings for these meters are 5812 and 15812. 

standard gas meter

Tip: Ignore numbers in red 

Dial (Clock) Meter

If you have a dial/clock meter it will have six dials. To take your meter reading, you'll need to read the four dials on the bottom row.

To read your Dial (Clock) Meter:

  1. Read the dials from left to right 

  2. If the dial is between two numbers, always round down to the lowest number. If the dial is between 9 and 0, round down to 9.

    Eg. The reading for this meter is 2343.

standard gas meter

Submit a gas meter reading

How to submit your gas meter reading

  • Online: Login to My SSE Airtricity
  • Phone: Call Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 427 732 with your GPRN number

Can’t see your meter?

Contact us if your meter doesn’t match any of the ones above. 

Meter box locked?

If your meter box is locked, you can request a meter key online and we'll send out a free meter key within 7 days. You will need your email address and SSE Airtricity account number.