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Code of Practice on Disconnections

We will help to work out a payment arrangement if you need it.

SSE Airtricity is committed to engaging and working with customers who are having difficulties paying bills. We consider disconnection of supply a last resort and only after all other avenues to recover payment have been exhausted.  

If you’re worried about bill payments, please contact us. as soon as possible. Together we can come to an arrangement that allows you to effectively manage your bills. We’ll work with you, any nominated 3rd party on your account, along with MABS (phone number 0818 07 2000) and recognised welfare agencies to resolve your financial difficulties if necessary.

If you’re experiencing difficulties in paying your energy bills we’ll assess your circumstances fairly and sympathetically. We’re prepared to offer a suitable arrangement for you. We can arrange for you to pay an agreed amount by instalments or offer to install pay as you go meter(s). Any payment arrangement will be carefully considered.

In the event where an agreement cannot be reached a disconnection will then be requested. A dual fuel customer has the option of selecting which fuel to disconnect first.


  • We have no current contract in place with the householder/tenant for a particular premises following 14 days notice in writing from us of this requirement.
  • We are requested on behalf of the customer, to withdraw the supply from a particular premise.
  • Power may be disconnected for safety reasons.
  • Failure to pay bills relating to the energy supply at a particular premise.
  • We are requested, on behalf of the customer, to withdraw the supply from a premise.


Where a previous occupier has closed their account and they’ve moved out, we need to know when a new occupier moves in. If you’ve recently moved in you must contact our Customer Service team on 0818 81 22 20 as you're now responsible for paying the energy bill. Failure to do this may result in disconnection of supply.

  • We will advise you via letter that a contract is required, along with a deposit request. This letter will also give 14 days’ notice of disconnection.
  • For information on deposits and how they apply please see our Code of Practice on Billing,
  • To give you every opportunity to avoid disconnection, we’ll phone you during this period if details are available to us.

It is the responsibility of the owner/occupier to register the account.


We consider the disconnection of supply due to unpaid bills a last resort. Our first preference is to work with you on a suitable payment arrangement that will allow you to spread the cost of bills throughout the year. We’ll take into consideration your ability to pay and find the best solution for you. Where a payment arrangement has been agreed to avoid disconnection, details of the payment arrangement, will be sent to you in writing no later than one week after the plan has been agreed.

We’ll make at least two attempts to contact you in writing and at least two attempts to contact you in other ways before we disconnect. The following reminder notice types may be given to customers in arrears prior to disconnection and are based on days overdue past our standard credit terms of 14 days:

  • SMS Text reminders
  • Reminder Letters
  • Collection Calls
  • Disconnection Call
  • Disconnection Notice

We’re committed to entering a mutually acceptable payment arrangements at any stage during this cycle, taking your ability to pay, personal circumstances and current consumption into consideration at all times. We’re also committed to working with recognised welfare agencies in relation to payment arrangements for customers in financial hardship. You can contact our team on 0818 40 40 70 at any stage during this cycle.

*Calls will be charged at Lo Call rates from any landline in the Republic of Ireland, calls made from mobile phones will cost more.


  • You’ve entered into a mutually acceptable payment arrangement and you are adhering to the conditions of that arrangement, or have agreed to have a pay as you go meter installed.
  • You’ve a genuine, open complaint with SSE Airtricity or the CRU, that directly relates to a debit on your account (all other charges must be paid in full).
  • In the event that a customer is disputing a bill the above only applies to the disputed bill and not to any previous or subsequent bills, which must be paid as normal.
  • For failure to pay a bill which is not related to the supply of electricity/gas.
  • For failure to pay a bill based on a regular estimate unless it is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.
  • Where a customer is a member of any category of customer that the CRU may specify from time to time.
  • You’ve engaged with a recognised welfare agency and have asked us for a disconnection hold. In this instance we’ll allow a reasonable period while the agency investigates your personal circumstances.
  • A customer is critically dependent on electrically powered equipment, which shall include but is not limited to life protecting devices, assistive technologies to support independent living and medical equipment. For detail of how to register as a vulnerable customer please see our Code of Practice on Vulnerable Customers.
  • During the winter months (1 October to 31 March) for vulnerable customer for reasons of advanced age or physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health. For detail of how to register as a vulnerable customer please see our Code of Practice on Vulnerable Customers.
  • During the winter months (1 December – 28 February) for domestic customers for reasons of non-payment.

We aim to work with our customers to ensure that disconnection periods are as short as possible.


We’ll initiate reconnection once the contract has been signed and any associated disconnection and reconnection fees are paid in full, as well as any security deposit, if applicable.


We’ll initiate reconnection as soon as an agreeable percentage of the arrears is paid, or full payment in certain circumstances, along with any associated disconnection and reconnection costs, and a payment plan is agreed for the remaining balance as well as any security deposit, if applicable, as per your general terms and conditions. We’ll send you details of any conditions associated with the security deposit as well as how it will be repaid. In some cases, a pay as you go meter may also form part of this agreement.

Customer charter & codes of practice