I cannot get to a shop; how can I top up my gas meter?

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I cannot get to a shop; how can I top up my gas meter?

We recommend that you always keep your prepayment meters topped up. Gas Pay As You Go customers are unable to top up online or by phone and therefore must visit a Post Office, Payzone or Postpoint outlet.


Important message for Pay As You Go Gas Customers


You must vend to activate your new Emergency Credit balance:

  • The amount of Emergency Credit offered to a customer is now €100 for a period of time.
  • However, in order to activate your new Emergency Credit balance, you must vend, meaning you must bring your Pay As You Go card to any Post Office, Postpoint or Payzone outlets (vend of €0 is accepted) as soon as possible.
  • Please Note: If you are already in Emergency Credit, this must be cleared before you can avail of the new emergency measures.


Once the credit on the meter drops to a low level you may be offered ‘Emergency Credit’. This can be borrowed until you can buy some more credit. When you want to use your Emergency Credit, insert your Gas Card into the meter. When the Emergency Credit is offered, you can accept it by pressing the red Button A.


For more information on How to access Emergency Credit visit gasnetworks.ie


If you are unable to leave your home at this time, please note your Pay As You Go gas card can be topped up by another person on your behalf, once they have access to it. They should ensure to follow HSE guidelines on social distancing when doing this for you.