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Your bill explained

Find out how your electricity or gas bill is calculated, what the different standing charges mean and how to understand your meter readings.

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Usage Details

This section outlines the meter readings used to calculate your bill



What type of meter you have. A 24hr meter has one row, while Day/Night meters have two rows which separately record day and night usage.


Previous Reading

Your meter reading from the start of your billing period


Interim Reading

Any meter readings taken during your billing period


Present Reading

Your meter reading at the end of your billing period. If you submitted a meter reading your bill may still be estimated.



Multiplier to convert your reading into kilowatt (kWh) units. This is usually 1.0, but may be different if you have a special meter for recording large amounts of electricity use.



Amount of electricity you used during the billing period in kilowatts (kWh). It's calculated by subtracting your Previous Reading from your Present Reading and applying the Multiplier.


Reading Types

Actual Meter Reading (A) - ESB Networks visited your house and read your meter, this happens 4 times a year.

Estimated Meter Reading (E) - If we don't receive a reading we estimate your usage based on your past actual readings and average daily electricity use for this time of year.

Customer Meter Reading (C) - A meter reading you submitted.