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5 things you need to know if you're moving out

  1. It’s best to contact us on the day you move

    By contacting us on your last day we can make sure your final meter reading and bill will be as accurate as possible. If you’re moving on a weekend, you can call us on the following Monday.

    Don’t forget to tell us though – you’ll be responsible for all charges at your old address until we’ve been notified.

  2. You'll need a few details

    All customers who are moving out of a property need to provide us with:

    • Meter readings from your last day in the property (or as close as possible)
    • Forwarding address so we can send out your final bill

    These aren’t necessary, but if you don’t supply them your old property could be disconnected (and you may incur a fee):

    • If you’re renting: Contact details for the new tenants or your landlord
    • If you’re selling: Contact details for the new occupants
  3. You can transfer your account as well

    You can transfer your SSE Airtricity account to your new property at the same time you’re notifying us of your move, you’ll just need these additional details:

    • For electricity – the MPRN of your new property
    • For gas – the GPRN or your new property
    • Meter reading(s) from your new property on the day you’re moving in (this is optional, but it helps make your first bill more accurate)

    Your MPRN/GPRN is tied to your property – not your account, so it changes every time you move. If you’re having trouble finding your new MPRN/GPRN contact the Customer Service team with your meter number – this is a 6 to 8 digit number located on the front of your electricity or gas meter.

  4. It’s easy to let us know

    If you’re an electricity-only customer, you can notify us of your move or transfer your account to your new address online through My SSE Airtricity.

    If you’re a gas customer or you have multiple properties on your account, you can:

    You’ll need to provide your SSE Airtricity account number and current MPRN and/or GPRN as well.

  5. You’ll know it’s gone smoothly if..

    We’ll send your final bill to your new address within 7 days.

    If you’re also transferring your SSE Airtricity account to your new property you’ll receive your first bill within 8-10 weeks – this depends on whether we need to switch your property over to SSE Airtricity.


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