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My meter reading was rejected. What does this mean?

If your meter reading was rejected, it’s usually due to:

  • Inconsistencies with the readings eg, for electricity Day and Night readings being in the wrong fields
  • A conflict with your meter type

This will come from either ESB Networks (electricity) or Gas Networks Ireland (gas) – we need to verify all your meter readings with them as they own and operate the meters in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do

If you check your latest bill you can see what range your meter readings should be in and what your MPRN/GPRN is. We also have a Meter Reading Guide with instructions on how to read the most common gas and electricity meters.

If you can’t find any inconsistencies, try submitting a meter reading again and just contact our Customer Service team if you have any more issues. Remember it's important that you don't send us more than one reading on the same day, as this could cause your bill to be delayed.


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