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I just submitted a reading because my last bill was incorrect. When will I receive a new bill?

If you’ve just submitted a meter reading to correct your latest bill, you may not automatically be issued a new one.

Once you submit your new reading we'll incorporate any credit (or debit) you are due into your next bill. This may or may not appear as a reversal depending on when we receive your updated meter reading and how large the difference is.

Remember it's important that you don't send us more than one reading on the same day, as this may cause an issue with your account and result in your next bill being delayed.

Estimating the difference

If you’re still worried about the difference between your actual meter reading and the one on your bill, here's a quick guide to work out how much your bill will be affected:


30 kWh = Less than €5

60 kWh = Less than €10


10m3 = Less than €5

20m3 = Less than €10

*Note: These are estimates, and don’t include standing charges, other taxes/fees (such as the PSO levy or carbon tax) or VAT.

When to contact us

If your meter reading is significantly different to the one on your bill you should call our Customer Service team on 1850 81 22 20 at least 5 working days before your Payment Due Date. We'll cancel your direct debit (if applicable) and you won't be charged until we've resolved your query.


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