A Common Goal - Energy efficiency

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A Common Goal - Energy efficiency

A Common Goal Logo

The rivalry. Merciless slagging and bragging. Arguments about key calls. There’s plenty about our league that makes us passionately stake our claim as individuals. But also, so much of it that brings us together. Clubs, Players, Fans all united by a common goal to protect and grow our leagues and our communities.

It’s our final challenge series this season and Keith Buckley (Bohemians), Shauna Fox (Shelbourne) and Jack Keaney (UCD) are competing to be named the A Common Goal Energy Efficiency Champion.

Challenge 1 - Adjust your behaviours

When it comes to energy efficiency it's small steps that make all the difference. And that can be something as simple as adjusting behaviours around the home. Making an extra effort to switch off lights, appliances and electronics not in use is one small step our players are taking to make their homes more energy efficient.

Challenge 2 - Replace your lightbulbs

For this challenge, Shauna, Keith and Jack are looking at the simplest way to switch to LED lighting. There are a whole host of energy efficient lighting solutions available for homes and businesses, but a good starting point is swapping traditional lightbulbs out for an LED alternative. Although they may be more expensive off the shelf, with their efficient energy use and longer lifetimes they do cost less in the long run, making it cheaper to light up your home.