A Common Goal - Reducing Waste

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A Common Goal - Reducing Waste

A Common Goal Logo

The rivalry. Merciless slagging and bragging. Arguments about key calls. There’s plenty about our league that makes us passionately stake our claim as individuals. But also, so much of it that brings us together. Clubs, Players, Fans all united by a common goal to protect and grow our leagues and our communities.

Another round of challenges for our players and it’s all about reducing, reusing and recycling for David Cawley (Sligo Rovers), Sarah McKevitt (Cork City) and Tadhg Ryan (Treaty United).

Challenge 1 - Clothing clear out

We're kicking off our recycling challenge series and it's time for a wardrobe clear-out! Donating clothes you no longer wear to the charity shop is a double win - one for the environment and one for the charity you're raising money for.

Challenge 2 - Keep cup challenge

Each day millions of plastic bottles are landfilled! But it's never been easier to reduce on single use plastics. Sarah, David and Tadgh are playing their part and have made the switch to reusable water bottles and keep cups for tea and coffee on the go!

Challenge 3 - Recycle the right way

It's easy to make mistakes when recycling. Our players have come up with some tops tips to help you recycle the right way.

Challenge 4 - How to compost

Did you know almost half of a household’s weekly waste can be composted? We've challenged our players to make use of their food scraps from the kitchen to create compost, which is good for the garden and the environment!


Four more challenges to reduce, reuse and recycle. But which one of our players went the extra mile for the environment?