Change is happening. Electric Vehicles are the way forward.

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Change is happening. Electric Vehicles are the way forward.

Let’s face it; change is happening, and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the way of the future.

Are you an EV owner who wonders why you didn’t switch to electric sooner? Or are you someone that’s curious about switching over to electric?

Research^ shows 57% of all car owners are likely to purchase an EV as their next car and at SSE Airtricity, we’re here to help and play our part in supporting customers with the move to an EV. We offer solutions to challenges such as affordability and we strive to support the government’s commitment to increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads to almost 1 million in Ireland by 2030.

Last year we conducted research^ to understand the current landscape and found that, while 30% of people who switch to an EV are motivated to do so from an environmental standpoint, the majority are driven by the financial benefits of switching to electric.

While 63% of customers interested in getting an EV are concerned about the initial cost of buying one, 80% are keen on the improved running costs an EV brings. To maximise these lower running costs, it’s important to make sure you’re on the right tariff. Our research found 93% of people are interested in a specific night rate for cheaper charging but only 14% are currently availing of a Time-of-Use Tariff to achieve that.

That’s where we come in. Our new Smart Night Boost plan has been designed to support EV drivers and helps reduce the cost of charging at home with super-low rates at off-peak hours including new low rate between 2am and 5am and includes a 15% discount off standard unit rates for new sign ups.

We're at the heart of Ireland’s transition to cleaner, greener living. Our research^ found that thousands of motorists who switch to EVs, believe the long-term financial benefits are a real boost. Leaving many to wonder why they didn't make the switch sooner.

However, 54% of people who responded to our survey said access to charging points was a serious challenge. To combat this, SSE is investing €35m to install 30 ultra-rapid EV charging hubs across Ireland. The first hub will open early this year at the Lough Sheever Corporate Park in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. The site will be open to the public and is designed to accommodate long-wheelbase vehicles and buses, as well as cars and fleet vehicles.

Keep up to date on our EV progress and find out more about how you could benefit from our new Smart Night Boost plan here (T&Cs Apply).

^Research conducted on behalf of SSE Airtricity by Behaviours & Attitudes (B&A) in August 2022.

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