Welcome to the Eco Explorer’s Club

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Welcome to the Eco Explorer’s Club

The Eco Explorer’s Club is a learning hub and creative collaboration with our Sustainability Partner Dublin Zoo. Join the club by exploring the world of biodiversity, sustainability and green living through art, storytelling, yoga and fun.

Enjoy a variety of Eco Explorer activities below, it has been created to engage and educate you, your family and your community as we all navigate the small steps towards a greener world. Eco Explorer activities include:

  • Dublin Zoo Virtual Tours
  • Draw Along environmental lessons from Don Conroy
  • Bio-diversity themed Yoga with Caragh
  • Zookeeper talks with Brendan

Let’s come together and build a future that is greener and cleaner for animals, our loved ones and our beautiful planet.

Meet Brendan the zoo keeper

Zoo Keeper Brendan takes us to the African Plains at Dublin Zoo where he gives us an insight into the scimitar-horned oryx, a species that was once extinct in the wild.

Draw with Don at Dublin Zoo

We visit Dublin Zoo with one of our favourite artists Don Conroy. Don shows us how to draw a Southern White Rhinoceros and also chats to Zoo Keeper Ken on caring for these wonderful animals.

Yoga with Caragh

Join Caragh and her kids for Sunrise Yoga at at Dublin Zoo. Learn about the importance of biodiversity through yoga and fun animal poses.

Reuben's tour of Dublin Zoo

Reuben The Entertainer takes us on an a sustainability tour through Dublin Zoo. Join us and learn about all the great things Dublin Zoo are doing to protect our planet.